Immigration Permit

Immigration Law is Cyprus is based upon the legislation and regulations agreed upon by the EU Community Acquis, which refers to the legislation, legal acts, and court decisions that make up the European Union Law. Hence, Cyprus follows the legislation as determined by the Community Acquis regarding immigration issues such as third country residents entering and residing in Cyprus for reasons such as self-employment, to study and permanent residency.

Non-European Union citizens who have been living in Cyprus for at least a five-year period are permitted to apply for a Long-Term Residential Permit. Long-Term Residential Permits do not expire and are granted for life. The issue of the Long-Term Residential Permit is imposed on all European Union members. Visa requirements concerning foreign citizens comply with the European Union regulations.

Cyprus is one of the countries that have agreed upon the Schengen agreement. At present, the island is going through the inspection and evaluation procedure.