EU Citizenship / Cypriot Passport

EU Citizenship in Cyprus – New revised criteria

In Cyprus, the Council of Ministers implemented a new revised scheme concerning granting Non-Cypriot citizens a European Union Citizenship. According to the new plan, the applicants are obliged to invest a minimum amount of €2.5 million, under the condition that they take part in a Collective Investment Plan, which is valued at €12.5 million and above and but immovable property valued at €500.000 and above.

if the applicant chooses to only purchase a privately-owned property, the applicant is not required to purchase an additional privately-owned property of €500.000.

applicants who are not interested in taking part in Collective Investment schemes may do so provided that their direct investments to Cyprus are at least €5 million and above.

S. Koniaris Development is dedicated in catering and assisting its clients throughout the entire procedure required to obtain an EU Citizenship. The experienced agency has arranged property specific proposals, in order to facilitate its clients when searching to purchase property. S. Koniaris Development aims to cater to its clients needs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Due to the new and revised procedures, all applications are examined and processed within a three-month period.

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